Evolys as a commercial and industrial company was established in 2014, built on research and development work started in 2009, together with the Norwegian research institution SINTEF.

Our expertise stretches from light physics to biochemistry, from LED-technology to electronical cuircuts, thermal dynamics, and materials such as plastics and aluminium.

We understand and know our industries, in a world where elements affect eachother, and are also often full of challenges. From the biochemical enhancements and value creation possible with light, the facility and different parameter interactions and interfaces, to the mechanical and installations. Only when you understand the whole picture, you can create the optimal products and solutions.

Together with our customers, we use science, research, experience, and practical trials, to develop and customize the best possible products and solutions. We work openly and objectively. Combined with our knowledge, flexibility, and short value chain, we see that we can often reach better techno economy than our competitors.

Our main office is located in Oslo, while production is done nearby at our two factory sites in Viken county. Production capacity is flexible and balanced by demand.

Evolys is supported by the Norwegian government, Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian research council.