A selection of completed projects in our different industries

Powerhouse (Trondheim)

Evolys design and produce the main functional lighting for Powerhouse Brattørkaia, the largest new energy-plus building in Norway. Our configuration allows the customer to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption, longest possible life hours, best possible light quality, also ensuring high levels of comfort and esthetics. Combined with achieving the lowest possible investment cost, which in this tender was less than half of the price compared to all other large key competitors, this project was completed according to the sustainability and energy requirements in 2019.

Norsk Kylling

Evolys create a unique light recipe for poultry, to apply light physically, biochemically, and visually as natural for the animals. Our configuration was developed through research and practical trials, together with the customer, for optimal animal health and welfare. Achieving also improved critical production parameters combined with lowest possible capital, operational and installation cost, Norsk Kylling with their 135 broiler producers, completed full implementation in 2022, allowing them to be the first large ECC-certified poultry producer and corporation in the world.


Evolys study existing scientific literature, analyze experience data, establish research and practical trials, then develop and produce the lighting solution for all of MOWIs large land based super farms. Through biochemistry and light physics, our configuration creates optimal light technical conditions for the fish. Combined with high energy efficacy, longest possible life hours and stability, MOWI, as the largest producer of Atlantic salmon in the world, achieves optimal biomass production and techno economy.

Guren Gartneri

Evolys develop and produce the lighting solution for Guren Gartneri, one of Norway’s largest all year producers of cucumber. Optimal biomass production and quality combined with a comfortable work environment was achieved through adaption of light spectrum, light quantity and exposure regime. Highest possible energy efficacy and life hours ensures lowest possible operational costs, while lowest possible investments cost allows the optimal techno economy to be reached.


Evolys develop and produce a customized lighting solution and configuration for Algalif, making them the largest microalgae and natural astaxanthin producer in the world. Scientific studies and research from lab to large scale practical trials created a unique light recipe, allowing highest possible biomass and key substance to be achieved. Highest possible energy efficacy and life hours to ensure lowest possible operational costs, combined with the lowest possible investment and installation costs, allowing the optimal techno economy to be reached.