Just like air and water, light is essential for life on earth. As air and water is created by nature and taken into our buildings, light is the most important element that we produce with manmade technology today.

We believe, for humanity to grow against a sustainable future, modern companies that work with such essential elements that we need; water, food, energy, medicine, and technology, are also responsible for making this available in the best way, at best possible terms, for our industries, users and society.

We can achieve this through knowledge, innovation, objectiveness, openness, and honesty, combined with reasonable profit multiplication from the true cost.

Evolys vision is to use light, light physics, biochemistry, science, research, materials, technology, and process innovation, to develop and produce lighting products. We target companies producing biomass that can be enhanced and optimized with light, and applications where light allows the user to achieve optimal techno economy and increased profit.

Our philosophy and experience tell us that the optimal techno economy is found by using materials and components of highest performance and quality.

Our strategy is to reach our targets and ensure results through performance, quality, process and value creation. Our short value chain is built on partnerships with strong and established Norwegian material producers, industry, and manufacturing, combined with global leading technology and component producers.