Quality and safety

We work to ensure safety and quality as our highest priority. We achieve this through strong and long-lasting partnerships, with solid Norwegian industrial companies, combined with the usage of highest quality materials and components from global leading producers.

Our short value chain, built on Norwegian material producers and local production, does not only provide quality and cost benefits, but also reduces process and geographical risk.

Our products are produced according to ISO9001:2015, as well as applying to all relevant IEC-standards.

Our strategy, work and processes, are additionally structured according to the international and national regulations, standards, rutines and requirements, for quality assurance, labor, environment, as well as chemical and electrical safety.

For large projects and high volume production of new and customized products we prefer to ensure results, techno economy and performance. In front of a full scale implementation, we prefer to test prototypes together with our customers. In lab or in their applications, with critical parameters representative, to harvest robust results.