Sustainability is a part of our main vision, values, strategy and work.

Together with our partners, we work openly and transparent, securing performance and quality, traceability, environment, climate responsibility, work environments and human rights.

As a policy, Evolys AS only uses environmentally certified materials and components, as well as only working with partners and suppliers that supports our goals and requirements.

Our strategy is to use only the highest performance and quality materials and components. Our supply chain consists of trusted and certified, large, global and leading producers, combined with solid, safe and local Norwegian material producers, partners and manufacturing. This way we ensure our products and company, life cycle, footprint, environment, climate, humanitarian and economical sustainability.

Evolys AS also benefit from financial sustainability, as a private company with no depth, healthy economy, strong profit, and financially strong co-owners.

Social responsibility is a key foundation and important part of our company. Evolys has ever since the establishment been using significant amounts of the profit gained to support humanitarian projects around the world. Through our own work, as well as partnerships with organizations such as Unicef and Right To Play, we have helped and improved the lives of tens of thousands of people, and we will continue this important work as the company grows.